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Monday Apr 26, 2021

It may not be obvious what might link your efforts to launch your career post-Covid and how an airline pilot  might handle an in-flight emergency.  These are my thoughts.

Monday Mar 29, 2021

Careers advice in schools has been described as "Not fit for purpose." I'm not suggesting it's a scam, but the resemblance to real, genuine scams is kind if scary.

Monday Mar 15, 2021

Articles appear in the media all the time, about companies that are thriving even in the middle of the pandemic.  Fine, but how can this help you launch your career? 

Monday Mar 01, 2021

A tough year to be sure. Light at the end of the tunnel at last. But what will the scenery be like as we emerge from the tunnel? Certainly not the same as the scenery we left behind when we entered the tunnel. And what does that mean, for you?

Monday Feb 22, 2021

A mum shares the concern she has for the future of her 13 year old daughter; and a recently qualified graduate asks how she can stay motivated when her "job search" seems to be going nowhere.

Monday Feb 15, 2021

When times are tough, what gets you through it? The fact is that you are going to come through it. The question is: Will you be stronger or damaged by the experience? When it's all behind you, are you going to look back on the tough times and feel proud of how you handled them? 

Monday Feb 08, 2021

We all want to be good at something. Most of us are good at something. But what if you want to be exceptional? How do you go about being exceptional? Is it even possible? It depends. It certainly depends on you but not on you alone.  I've never met anyone who became exceptional without the guidance of a coach; and I never met an exceptional person who was exceptional to begin with.

Monday Feb 01, 2021

Are you the sort of person who is inspired by people who overcome the most challenging of circumstances? Or are you put off by the stress they must be under? Do you aspire to be the kind of person you would need to be if you wanted to be a doctor, or a nurse or develop a vaccine? Never mind if that's not the kind of career for you. It's the kind of person we're talking about. 

Thursday Jan 21, 2021

What would be the fairest way for you to be assessed this year? Exams? Continuous assessment? And who should assess you? External, independent exam board or your teachers? Does anyone know how it's going to be done? It looks like being a right mess doesn't it?  Not much you can do about it anyway. But that doesn't mean your career progress has to be put on hold. There are lots of things you can get on with no matter what form of assessment you'll be faced with. 

Monday Jan 11, 2021

At least, I hope you wouldn't. No, I'm sure you wouldn't. The worrying thing is that some people would. This podcast gives you a way to spot the less obvious frauds. For something to be true, it's usually necessary for other things to be true that clearly are not.

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